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Ineos Grenadier Reviews

What the Experts Have to Say About the Ineos Grenadier

We’ve gathered all of the early reviews on the Grenadier with the experts detailing how it performs both on and off-road. As you read through the reviews, you’ll pick up bits and pieces of the Grenadier story along with all of the technical specs about this compelling 4×4. 

Wall Street Journal Review of the Ineos Grenadier

This 2023 Wall Street Journal review of the Ineos Grenadier is responsible for at least one Grenadier order and kick starting MyGrenadier.com. The review is the most entertaining on the list with bits like, “Off tarmac, the Grenadier is a bonny, boxy billy goat.” and “The short, skid plate-protected overhangs and close-coupled wheelbase give Grenadier superheroic powers of up-and-over.” 

Image of Ineos Grenadier prototype 4x4 SUV on snow.
The Wall Street Journal photo that spawned MyGrenadier.com.

Forbes Grenadier 4×4 Review

The Forbes review touts the comfortable ride and “unstoppable off-road ability” but downvotes the vague steering and cabin storage space. It also reports a wildly inaccurate $50k base in the U.S. market, below even what was being reported at the time. It’s interesting to see where they started on price and where they landed.

Top Gear Grenadier Review

Top Gear said, “Amazing off-road, surprisingly good on-road, fantastic interior, analogue feel and no lane assist.” For the cons, they didn’t like the gas mileage or the steering, like many others have mentioned. Read the full Top Gear review of the 2023 Grenadier for yourself. 

Edmunds Ineos Grenadier SUV Review

The Edmunds 2024 Grenadier review captures the idea that this SUV is much more than an homage to the Defender and purpose-built for off-roading versus off-loading kids at soccer practice.

MotorTrend Grenadier Review

The Motortrend First Drive Review of the Ineos Grenadier is quite complimentary, declaring, “For the hardcore off-roader or the Rodeo Drive shopper, the 2024 Ineos Grenadier has the right stuff to flex on the trail or street.” It should be noted the Motortrend review was published February 8th, 2023, so they drove the 1.0 version which is likely similar to the model currently available for test drives in the U.S. The first U.S. deliveries in late November or early December will be the 2024 Grenadiers, presumably with some of the early issues addressed. 

Car & Driver Ineos Grenadier Prototype Test Drive

Car & Driver published a review of the Ineos prototype and the connection both at inception and in design to the classic Land Rover Defender.

Driving.ca Grenadier History & Review

Canada’s Driving.ca sums up the Grenadier story nicely with, “The Ineos Grenadier is a throwback body-on-frame SUV conceived in a British pub, engineered in Germany, and built in France. They really like the interior switchgear but are holding off on crowning it the off-road champ until it arrives in Canada in 2024. 

Hagerty Review Gets Technical

The Hagerty Grenadier Review provides quite a bit of detail and specifications, while also revealing the original Grenadier basics were, “…sketched out on a beer coaster…” which they point out is as it should be.

The Drive’s Test Run with the Ineos Grenadier Prototype

Never touching pavement is quite a feat for a test drive in Los Angeles County but The Drive stayed off-road for their test drive in the Rowher Flats OHV area. Overall, they were fond of the Grenadier and call it, “…a handsome, new, and modern-yet-OG off-roader.” 

More UK Grenadier Reviews

What Car? gave the Grenadier 2/5 stars but called it “brilliant” off road. Autocar tested a Grenadier Fieldmaster and gave 3.5/5 stars knocking the steering and driver ergonomics. Auto Express gave the Grenadier 3/5 stars, liking its off-road capabilities, but knocking it on price and “wayward steering.” 

Australia Ineos Grenadier Reviews

The Drive.com review answers a lot of common questions on the Grenadier and rates it a 7.3/10. They include a focus on the safety equipment that wasn’t onboard at the time of testing. Drive does a great job of compiling several good spec comparison charts. Car Expert calls the Grenadier, “…an excellent adventure vehicle…” and found many of the same issues as others with the early 2023 models. Which Car likes the Grenadier on-road as much as off-road as well as the plethora of customization options but did not like the low steering ratio or hefty curb weight. 

TL;DR Grenadier Review Recap

No nonsense, highly capable off-road vehicle that’s better on-road than expected, but this is a 1.0 vehicle with a fair amount of issues to be addressed in the 2024 model. 

For the video version of this article, be sure to check out Ineos Grenadier YouTube Reviews from the top off-road and automotive channels.

Written & Curated by Chris Austin


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