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Ineos Grenadier YouTube Reviews

See What Top YouTubers Have to Say About the Ineos Grenadier.

Our article curating Grenadier reviews from newspapers, magazines, and online relays the brand story along with the pros and cons of the first Grenadier, but there’s nothing more impactful than seeing the Ineos Grenadier Station Wagon in action. From an Australian beach to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, we’ve curated a collection of top automotive YouTubers taking the new 4×4 off-road, on-road, over rocks, into the dunes, and onto the farm to test it out and detail the good, the bad, and the needs to be fixed. 

Written & Curated by Chris Austin


TFLOffroad Grenadier Review

TFLOffroad takes the Grenadier off-road in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains without Ineos in the passenger seat. See the Grenadier go for a real trail riding test in one of the best off-road reviews available on YouTube. 


The Late Brake Show Grenadier Review

Clocking in at more than 34 minutes, this in-depth Grenadier review goes off-road over the river and through the woods and then takes a spin on-road as well.


Harry’s Farm & Harry’s Garage Grenadier Reviews

Harry’s Garage takes an extended test drive with 7 days of on-road and off-road driving, plus he tries out the towing capabilities. Harry’s Farm (Harry’s Garage sister YouTube channel) also reviews the Grenadier Trialmaster (yes, Trial not Trail) as a functional farm vehicle.


The Fast Lane Car Grenadier Off-Road Review

The Fast Lane Car jumps in on an off-road test drive and brings an American viewpoint to the UK at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in February of 2023. 


Mat Watson Goes Mudding in the Grenadier

Carwow shows how and why the Grenadier is a proper off-roader boot deep in a lot of mud in this Mat Watson Grenadier review. It’s only 16 minutes long and has over a million views in the year it’s been live, so it is one of the most popular Ineos Grenadier reviews on YouTube.



TFLnow Grenadier 4×4 Review

TFLnow interviews Greg Clark, Executive Vice President at Ineos North America, to go in-depth on the new Grenadier’s design inspiration, engine, accessories, interior, and favorite features.

No test drive but TFLnow also does a detailed walk-around review of the 2024 Grenadier Quartermaster 4-door truck from Ineos Automative.


The much-anticipated 4xoverland Grenadier Review from Australia’s Andrew St. Pierre White arrived and generated a quarter of a million views and 1,200 comments in the first two weeks. At nearly an hour long, it’s quite an in-depth review covering his overall first impressions, the much-discussed steering, the unique interior, off-road capabilities, and Ineos’ Achilles Heel for everywhere but North America, the dreaded right-hand drive floor bump.

The 4xoverland YouTube review is refreshing and informative thanks to both its level of detail and honesty. It’s more than clear what he loves and what he hates about the Grenadier.


For The Fast Lane Car, part of TFL Studios along with TFL Offroad, Grant Davis interviews Adam about first impressions as one of the early Grenadier owners in the U.S. It’s a great breakdown of ordering and owning a new Grenadier.

TFL puts the Grenadier through a series of slip tests as well as reviewing the interior, driving tech, and build quality.

One thing Adam shared that I had never heard before is that Land Rover made a Defender in South Africa with a BMW engine.


F1 legend Lewis Hamilton drives on and off-road like only he can while Ineos Automotive founder, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, provides the color commentary on a very fun Grenadier test drive.

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